The perfect combination of plastic and metal components provide the SP Metzerplas with strength and flexibility for both reliable performance and easy manual bending. These characteristics make the original SP piping system the ideal solution.

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SP Metzerplas is the first multi-layered pipe in the world, made of combined polyethylene and aluminum. Its unique production method ensures complete uniformity and precise division between the pipe layers and creates a strong pipe with exceptional resistance to wear, corrosion, and high pressure and temperature.

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Quality is the most important value for SP Metzerplas. The company operates according to strict Israeli and international standards in order to ensure high quality reliable products and efficient installation.

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SP Metzerplas provides you with a variety of materials to help you plan your project. Click below to download our catalogs and quality certificates.

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Why choose an SP pipe?

Uncompromising reliability

Metzerplas SP pipe is an extremely reliable pipe. The SP systems installed in millions of private, public and industrial buildings worldwide – one-story houses or high-rise towers, new projects or renovations – operate for years without any problems. The pipe withstood even a test of 50-year operation under extreme conditions. The system is provided with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty, subject to the terms of the warranty and the Israeli standard.

Super Pipe

SP Metzerplas is a Super Pipe made of a unique combination of metal and plastic. This world leading pipe is suitable for various applications – water supply, heating, underfloor heating, radiators, gas, compressed air, and corrosive fluids. SP Merzerplas with its large range of accessories provides convenient and cost-effective solutions.

Outstanding durability

The SP Metzerplas is resistant to extreme conditions of temperature (95̊C) and pressure (10 bar). It is also highly resistant to internal and external corrosion. SP Metzerplas is smooth and therefore does not wear out over the years. The pipe prevents scale accumulation and clogging in the system and keeps the water clean. It also prevents oxygen penetration, thus protecting the heating system. The Metzerplas SP pipe has a low expansion coefficient.

Easy and convenient installation

The SP Metzerplas pipe is rigid but flexible and can be designed according to the required project path. The pipe is light and convenient for quick installation in any new or old plumbing system. No need to bore the pipe, just round off the pipe and bevel its end.